Oh, how many ways

because of you, we are blessed

of all God’s gifts to this Earth,

you are one of the greatest


You moisten our parched lips

You keep us cleanse from the ends of our toes

to our fingertips

You renew our soul, when we feel blue

You revitalize and energize

We are thankful for you


I honor you in your many forms,

lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, waterfalls

water fountains, aquariums, rain and snow

All God’s creatures, you help us grow


There is nothing on this Earth,

quite as useful as you

It’s endless, the list of all you do


In the summer, you cool our skin

Chilling us out, from outside to in

In the winter, you keep us nice and warm

Little treasures so under appreciated

Because they are deemed the norm


Water, my friend

If only they knew

How much our life is better

because of you


You are loyal, you’re always there

Taking care of us and showing us how much God cares

Keeping us healthy, keeping us strong

If we take good care of you,

we can live long


We respect your ocean

And honor your sea

Never forgetting your majesty


Dear Heavenly Father,

we thank you for this treasure

I pray Lord, it stays with us forever and ever


Please let us remember our natural resources

Take good care of our Earth

And never forget how much it’s worth


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