Under My Christmas Tree

Under my Christmas tree

Awaits a special gift for me

Somebody above must really love me


They must’ve heard me laugh

Sometimes heard me cry

They must’ve seen me smile

They must’ve seen me sigh


They knew what I desired

And rendered that gift to me


That special gift

Perfectly wrapped

Beneath my Christmas tree


I did not take a peek

But I surely know

What it would be


Someone oh someone

Must surely love me

They listened when I asked

They heard my heart shout


For the giver of this Christmas gift

Must know what I’m about

So I finally took a look

I finally took a peek

As I suspected

It’s the Christmas gift I seek


Not a Barbie Doll

A mansion on the hill

A diamond ring

A physical thing with a temporary thrill


This Christmas gift came

complete with everything I needed

and if it was all I had, I’ll know I still succeeded


Family, joy, happiness, love

Peace and good friends

It even came with wonderful

children and a loving Husband


One by one

I counted what this entire gift contained


To make it very simple

I’ll call the gift by name


Under my tree

Beneath the trimmings and wrappings

Was a present full of God’s joyful blessings


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