Things to Remember When I’m Afraid

Once again another door has opened
Leaving me outside my comfort zone

Once again my mind is filled with fear,
Descending from my throne

But the thing I forget,
that I need to remember
I’m a daughter of the King

There is power piercing through my veins,
So let the victory bells ring

Sinners, they let their voices be heard
They represent the worst

So why not through me
From out of my lips, let positivity burst

Satan, he wants me to hide
Never let it shine

The light that this world cannot create
That comes from God divine

Gods in my corner
He leads me through
His message I’ll deliver

So why hide away, why stand back
and let my body quiver

I am stronger than I have ever known
and I know who gives me strength

So lest I forget,
I’m God’s warrior
and I can go the length

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