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 The Battle Collection (2012)


This is a collection currently evolving. It is updated with my present season of life, as a mere three months ago I lost someone very precious to me, my six day old son. That was the toughest season of my life and as I journeyed through that time, I yearn for a new season of life, a healthier, happier one. I am currently working towards that with exercise, discipline, meditation and more, but the devil is working profusely to knock me down everyday, using someone and someplace that is supposed to be helping me heal to do the complete opposite. So every day I wake up, I’m in a new battle, a battle for my soul and well-being. This is a war, I must win for my and my family’s sake, and so that I would be a strong soldier in God’s army.




Chapter 1: Reflection


A Mother’s Lies (Thoughts on the Casey Anthony Trial)

Lesson Learned

What is a True Friend?

Living on Paper

Something’s Missing

Out of Sight

The Unwise Leader


Break Out

The Girl in the Mirror (Part 2): A New Day

Each Their Own Gift


Blessing or Curse?



Chapter 2: Battle Cries


I Surrender

I Cry Out to You Lord

Bloodshot Eyes


They Say They Understand But They Don’t

I Wanna Be Heard

The Enemy’s Most Powerful Weapon

This Can’t Be Good

Never Again Will You Steal My Joy

Pray For Me

Did I Forget?

Broken Hearted


Chapter 3: The Battle


My Biggest Trial Yet

Satan, I’m Not Your Victim


Won the Battle, Losing the War

The Battle

Strong Soldier

It’s Over