The Valley of Dreams

I dream of this place

This place where I’m not

I love to go there

It’s my favorite fantasy spot


It’s quiet, it’s peaceful

With the scent of love everywhere

Sunshine warms the cockles of your heart

The wind blows flower petals through your hair


Words of inspiration flows down the stream

I stop to take a sip, as I bask in this majestic dream

I run, and I run as fast as my feet can go

I swing on the trees; I lie in the grass, and let its magic flow


As I watched the clouds and falling leaves,

A divine sense of being my heart receives

In this place where the flowers are so beautiful

With vibrancy of colors indisputable


As I chitchat with the butterflies

and dip my toes into the stream

The peace and calm in my soul

Makes my heart gleam


I feel welcomed and accepted here

As though it’s safe to reveal the real me

Here I am honest, I’m real, I’m free

Here I am genuinely happy


In the Valley of dreams

My dreams are real to touch

I see them; I feel them, breathe them in

Revel in them so very much



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