The Story of Us

What made me stay?

When I was suppose to go

I don’t know


But when I saw you

I knew

I had to know you

And in your eyes I did see

You, yourself needed to know me


What made me stay and watch?

Instead of leave

Beats me

But when our eyes locked

We spoke to each other without

Saying a word


I knew that day

There was something about you

Little did I knew

I had no clue

The story of us

Would begin with you

And go like this


I’m shock

I can’t believe

the evolution of this thing

Evolving to the day you would

Give me a ring


Professing, confessing

A love-marriage-eternity thing

Man, I never knew

Not once had a clue

That this soft silhouette

Under the sunset

Would one day be more than

Just a crush

But really a real me and you


A real us

I wanted it, yes

From that moment

We exchanged numbers

I wanted you to be the husband

I envisage God made for me


Though never in my wildest dreams

Did I see

This reality

Every single time I look at you

I’m amazed

We’re finally here

After all we went through


And you know my favorite part?

Every day we add a new page of passion,

mystery and love imprinted on our hearts


You are my best friend

And this story’s yet to end

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