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The “Spiritual Essence” Collection (2011-2012)

A Collection of Inspirational Verse


The most precious things in life are all around us, we don’t have to go chasing after them and we don’t have to look very far. It doesn’t matter how we are dressed, what we own, how much we have. The most precious things are absolutely free. If we just look up, look all around us and count our blessings.


What is Spiritual Essence?


It’s the sun, the clouds, the stars, and the moon in the sky

It‘s freshly baked apple pie

It’s the butterflies, birds and bees soaring high

It’s fireworks on the 4th July


It’s running through sprinklers

And getting all wet

Lying on the beach and watching the sunset


It’s climbing monkey bars

And swinging on swings

It’s all life’s priceless things


It’s a kiss on the cheek

And a tender hug

Cuddling in bed, all nice and snug


It’s mommy, daddy, sister and brother too

A picnic at the park

A day at the zoo


It’s all God’s blessings

The treasures of this Earth

There is no way of fully describing

what they’re worth





Paint Me a Picture

Beautiful Blessings



Heaven on Earth

Falling in Love

A-B-C’s of Who You Are


Good Morning Sunshine

This Poem is for you


Thank God for Spring

It’s a Good Day


Great Things

Say the Words


Dreams on my Heart

A Birthday Poem

Watching Over Me


Words From God




A Birthday Poem For You

Love Coat

I Yearn

Treasure Box

Little Nuggets of Happiness

I’ve Decided

The Valley of Dreams



The Little Things

Full Moon

Good Morning, New Day

A New Day