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The Spirit of Christmas Collection (2010)


Christmas has always been my most favorite time of the year. I love everything about it, celebrating the birth of the greatest man who ever lived, Jesus Christ, the atmosphere, spiriting of giving, gratitude and love, the activities, the music, decorations, the food. What’s not to love? It truly is the best, most unselfish time of year. I always wanted to write poetry to capture what Christmas means to me, but for some reason I could never find the right words to describe it, until now. This year (2010) the words just poured out of my soul, coming straight from Heaven’s heart. So here it is the spirit of Christmas. Enjoy!




Little Drummer Girl


Chapter One: The Spirit of Christmas


The Spirit of Christmas

The Christmas Spirit

My Christmas Prayer

Another Christmas Prayer



Chapter Two: The Magic of Christmas


The Magic of Christmas

Glowing Christmas Tree

Our Family Christmas Tree




Chapter Three: The Blessings of Christmas


Everyday is Christmas

Little Prayers

Family Christmas

Smile (The Barker Clan)

A Child’s Eyes

A Child Again

Under My Christmas Tree

Full House


Chapter Four- The Love of Christmas


Love Note (A Christmas Reminder)

This Christmas Card

Christmas Wishes

The Sweetest Kind of Candy Cane


Chapter Five-The Friends of Christmas





Chapter Six- The Gift of Christmas


The Gift


A Christmas Gift


Chapter Seven-The Hustle and Bustle of Christmas


Hurry Up


On Strike


Chapter Eight- The Night Before Christmas


Sweet Dreams


It Was the Night


Chapter Nine- The Story of Christmas


The Christmas Story

The Birthday Party

Why We Celebrate


Destined to be King


Chapter Ten-The Memories of Christmas


Slow Down Time


A New Beginning