The Real Phenomenal Woman

Her worth is not determined by physical appearances

nor her beauty by the color of her skin

Her extraordinary loveliness shines through

An effervescent glow from within


What makes her phenomenal?

Is it the stride of her strut?

Is it the curve of her hips,

the shape of her booty or the size of her lips?


What makes her phenomenal?

God’s word discuss

She is more precious than gold or jewels

She shapes us


She nurtures our hearts

For our body and soul she cares

She feeds her household spiritual food

She meditates, studies God’s word and says her prayers


Early morning she awakes

While her household still sleeps

She prepares her home for a new day

God’s commands she keeps


Her husband need not worry

Her children need not fear

For this confident woman runs her household

with vigor, discipline and good cheer


A phenomenal woman is well respected

Because of her, her family is never rejected

Many beyond her household walls

Seek her wisdom because she hears God’s calls


She is classy, generous and kind

Skillful, wise, intellectual, divine

She uses her gift to bless

To all who know her, she brings happiness


This real phenomenal woman

The epitome of strength

She is a reflection of Jesus

She is a godsend


She is a hard worker

She is God’s ultimate warrior

Bringing His offspring to Him

Ward over all God’s children


This woman will find peace and rest

at the end of her days

Her husband and children will honor her

God will give her praise


This real phenomenal woman

An epitome of strength

Leaves a legacy of faith for her children


His Word:

28 Her children arise and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her:

Proverbs 31:28 NIV


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  1. […] The Proverbs 31 woman verse is not about the literal things that this woman does, but the characteristics she possesses. God used that hard year of fighting for my unborn child and then losing him to realize, how strong I really am, to realize the power of a mother’s love and that life and time is too short and precious to give any of it away to fear. So I fight fear because now I know he (fear) is a liar and I am God’s warrior. […]

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