The Race

On your mark!

Get set!



Got to keep running

Haven’t reached the end yet

Can’t stop running until my destiny is met


But sometimes in this race

I get tired and weary

And some parts of this race is even a little bit scary

My knees are ready to fall

Don’t know if I’m gonna finish the race at all


I wanna keep going, keep my energy high

But sometimes I just feel to break down and cry

Sometimes, I want to give up, surrender, I’m done

What’s the point, if I’m not having fun?


I need you Lord, to help me finish this race

Give me the strength to handle any obstacle I face

Guide me Lord to my victory

Keep your angels encamped about me

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  1. Savannah Turner May 24, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    I love your poems ever so much
    keep writeing poems your ever so so good
    i belive in you
    let the lord guide you throw your life keep on pushing throw even if thangs git hard you keep on pushing throw because your true blue now keep go.
    On your mark
    Get set
    you are my herow
    i love you ever so <3

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