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The “Questions: A Poetic Conversation with God” Collection (2010)




Dear God,


I have got some questions; okay, okay, I have got allllllllllooooot of questions for you. Let’s see, where do I begin? Let’s start with the simple questions first. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Which way to go? What to do next?


I just don’t know how I got here so fast. It seemed liked just yesterday I was a child. My days filled with worry-free things. How did I get from there to here and what happened in between? What changed everything? When did I become so filled with fear?


Sometimes I wish I was that little girl again and I could start all over, not that I think my life is completely awful as it is now, but they are some things I’d change if I could. For instance, I wouldn’t be so afraid all the time.


If I could go back, I’d tell that little girl, be happy and be brave, God is always with you. I’d tell that little girl, play, have fun, explore, sing, dance and smile; the angels will dance and play with you. If I could go back in time, I heed my father’s words, “take your time, enjoy where you are now, you’d get to do grown-up things in time.” Daddy, I get it now.


If I could go back, I’d hug that little girl when she feels sad and lonely, and I’d whisper in her ear, “God loves you and He is with you.” I’d tell that little girl that she can’t save the one she is trying to save, twenty-eight years later, she’ll still be trying; I’d tell her stop listening to all that negativity, she is only hurting herself.


A few years later, I’d tell her, stay away from the boys, your body is thetempleofGod, you are wonderfully made, you are only hurting yourself and your future, there is a special one out there God designed just for you and designed you just for him. Wait for him, your time will come. I’d tell her how beautiful and wonderful she is, she doesn’t need their validation.


If I could I’d stay by her bedside every night and tell her how special she is. I’d tell her that Satan is a liar, don’t believe his lies; she is a one of a kind Godly design. I’d tell her walk with her head held high; she is a daughter of the King. I’d tell her the things her mother failed to tell her. So when she grows up, she’ll know how to tell to her daughters.


Dear God, I know I can’t go back in time, and change things. I know there is purpose for my course. You have a plan for me and what the devil intended for evil, you will use for good. Let me be your instrument Lord, use me. Guide me Lord; grant me knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Shape me into the woman you designed me to be, and help me do for Your Godly daughters, what I could not do for myself back then. Use me.



Faithfully your daughter




Chapter One- Questions

Chapter Two- Blessings


Chapter Three- Strongholds


Chapter Four- Life & Death


Chapter Five- The Grown-Up Thing



 Chapter Six-Womanhood & Motherhood-The Proverbs 31 Woman



Chapter Seven- Body Image




Chapter Eight-Toxic Relationships: the awful truth



Chapter Nine- The World Out There



Chapter Ten– Quiet Place