The Little Things

Dear friend,

I’m writing you this poem

With thoughts of you in my heart


As far as the blessings in my life go,

you play a special part


I’m writing you these words,

To tell you how I feel

So heart-to-heart, from mine to yours

The truth would be revealed


It’s the little things you do,

that you may not think so grand

but they mean the world to me

they give me strength to stand


I stand up right every day,

knowing I’ve got to you

Knowing you have me back in everything I do


You are worth more than the physical things

your friendship I do treasure

the time I have spent with you

has been a delightful pleasure


Do you truly know in my life you’ve made a difference?

Do you truly understand how much I treasure your presence?


So in case you didn’t know

In case you never knew

The wonderful difference you make

This poem is for you


So you’ll never think it was all for nothing

the friendship that you give

a gift from God I’ll always cherish and never forget

as long as I live


Thank you for being my friend

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