The Light

I am in the darkness

But I see the light

So I keep my eyes focused

On all that’s bright


I keep pressing forward

Until I see

The light expanding

In front of me


I am in the darkness

But I am on my way out

A glimmer of light

Guides me to a new route


So I keep pressing forward

Till all I see is brightness of light

Surrounding me


Don’t think for a minute the way it is now

Is how it’s always going to be!


With everything are possibilities

Have faith, be strong

Do the best you can

You have the power in your hands


To change the pages of history

You need to pass on a powerful legacy

Be glad when your children do more than you ever did

That’s the way it’s supposed to be with our kids


You are an important link in this family chain

Have faith, be strong

You can win


Don’t be so short-sighted about everything

The future is bright

Open your eyes wide and take flight


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