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Goodnight, my little angels, goodnight Sleep tight, my precious jewels, sleep tight Dream sweet angelic dreams tonight Goodnight, my little angels, goodnight   In the morning you will see Sweet surprises for you and me So goodnight, my little angels, goodnight Magic happens while you slumber tonight   In the morning, many wonders will be [...]

Sweet Dreams

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Sweet dreams my little angels May you dream magical dreams tonight Christmas magic comes with the morning light Dream sweet dreams of sugarplum fairies Hopping bunnies and dancing red berries Birds singing Christmas melodies Marshmallow snowballs and festive Christmas trees Dream sweet dreams my darlings Christmas magic awaits In the morning love waits for you [...]


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For God so loved the world HE gave us HIS son Who was born to this earth HE died for everyone HE paid the highest price Jesus died for our sins A gift so nice Jesus, God’s son, is the reason for the season So let your understanding deepen This Christmas don’t only expect to [...]