Strong Soldier

I wanna be a strong soldier in the grandest army on earth

and protecting this kingdom to be my main objective first


I wanna defeat the enemy with my sword and shield protection

And in this army of mighty warriors be in the top selection


I wanna be a mighty warrior

A force of which be reckon

Be ready for battle

Fight the good fight

When the trumpet call beckon


Of all God’s triumphant soldiers

I wanna be one of the greats

Lead a platoon of warriors into heavens gates


Prepare God’s children, for the battle of their life

So one day they’ll leave it all behind

Earthly pain and strife


One day, for them

a paradise awaits

But first a war we’ve got to fight

Make no mistake


So I’m ready for the battlefield

But first this I must do

Get in shape, be prepared

My body, mind and soul I must renew


Get down on my knees and say my prayers

Gain wisdom from God’s word

Educate my mind

Train my body day and night

Let my voice be heard


The devil sends his fiery darts

Ready to attack

But a well-trained soldier would not be defeated

When God’s got your back

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