Something’s Missing

Isn’t serving God suppose to be a joyful affair?

What’s with this place, why is there no joy here?


Isn’t singing and praising God supposed to make you feel happy?

Then why does my soul often feel so crabby?


Shouldn’t there be love here, so prevalent and strong?

Then why does everything feel so wrong?


Why is my body here? But my heart does not belong

Why can’t I sing with joy in my song?


I know it’s not me because I often come here happy

But soon as I come here, my joy is sucked from out of me


I feel this place dimming my light

And I often wonder the cause of this plight


I’ve lost my glow and I’m not sure why

If I don’t leave this place soon, my soul’s sure to die


I’ll just be an empty shell, without a soul

Lost in the darkness; left in the cold


But that’s not what I want

That’s not my desire

I want my flame to keep burning

I want red-hot fire


Fire in my heart

Fire in my soul

To replenish the joy this place stole


So I must get away from here

I must leave soon

So I can continue to shine bright

Like the night’s lustrous moon



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  1. Mareya April 11, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    I happened to sumlbte onto this blog through some Google searching and link jumping. I’m amazed with what I’ve seen. There are so many things that I can use for resources, so I’m definitely bookmarking this.I’ve often found that poetry gets overlooked in the classroom because teachers are looking more to the other genres of fiction and non-fiction to prepare for standardized testing. I usually do a bit on poetry and poetry writing in the Spring because I’ve found the students don’t really know how fun it is. We do some acting with poetry and then we learn about writing different types and students produce many examples. This resource will be great to use for any of my students, but I can see it coming in very handy with my IEP and struggling students as well. Sometimes they have a hard time getting started or finding the right words to say so using something like this with them may help jump start their imagination so that they can transfer their ideas to paper more easily.

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