Slow Down Time

Slow down time

Make these twenty-five days of Christmas last

So much longer than they did in the past

I want to enjoy every moment

To truly understand

Why we celebrate Christmas first hand

Slow down the moments

When we decorate the tree, make a Gingerbread house and Christmas cookies

Slow down the moments when I send out Christmas greetings

And help me be truly present in these Christmas meetings

When we talk to and celebrate each other, and show our appreciation for one another

Slow down the moments when wrapping Christmas presents

So I can reflect on what giving these gifts represents

Why do we give to one another?

Because we care for each other

Slow down the moments when watching or being a part of Christmas pageants, concerts and shows

Reading Christmas stories, poems or prose

Help me remember the most important Christmas story of all

It started with a baby so tender and small

Slow down the moment when Christmas morning arrives

A special time in our lives

Let unforgettable memories be created

As we are elated

By the wonderful treasures that await under the tree

Many blessings for you and me

Slow down time

As we tear open the gifts

And our Christmas spirit lifts

to the highest place our spirits can go

Causing an eruption of Christmas glow

Slow down time when we gather around the table for Christmas dinner

A yummy, scrumptious, delicious meal that won’t make you thinner

Let us praise God for all our blessings

And thank Him for his Son,


Merry Christmas everyone


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