“Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friends”

Lord, for me you made the ultimate sacrifice
Yes, you died for my sins
Now to you I offer a gift in return
Until your true calling for me I have learnt

Sacrifice is giving away a precious gift
It’s laying down your selfishness
Is there a love more true than this?
Than to lay down your life for your friends

Giving them time you do not have
Or things you can’t afford to lose
Going above and beyond what you have to do
Paying more than your dues

We say we love, but do we know what love truly means
It is beyond what we could imagine or possibly dream

To love that way, so unselfishly
It is not a gift rendered easily

But this I ask Lord, this I pray
That we truly learn to love this way

And do not complain about the gifts we give
to others as long as we live

Let us learn the meaning of sacrifice
Lord, I ask you to shape my life
Make me the person you made me to be
Let me shine for your glory

Poem by Latisha J.Greaves-Barker

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