Praying for a Titus 2 Woman

Dear God, am I really suppose to do it alone?
Am I suppose to find my way on my own?
Where are the women who are supposed to be by my side?
Advising me, leading me, being my guide

Where are the women whose wisdom is strong?
Teaching me, shaping me, molding me along

Dear God, I’m not sure I’ve got what it takes
I walk in fear of making too many mistakes
I want to hear from a woman who knows
a story like mine and how it goes

What roads has she taken, what roads should I take
I need her guidance for my children’s sake

And some days it’s just this young woman’s plea
That she should take some of my load off of me

So overwhelmed, I never worked so hard
Wondering what’s at the end of this road,
what’s the reward

Jesus made the biggest sacrifice of all
Upon him a heavy burden did befall

So who am I this little lamb
Can’t sacrifice a little of who I am

For the treasures he’s given me
to raise them to superiority

Is it worth it?
I guess someday the answer will be clear
God I pray you take me there

Because I’m tired and feel to quit,
a lonely place I do sit

A wise woman of strength
I do need
to push me along
help me succeed

I know from you I have the strength inside
to let my heart be my guide

With you I can accomplish victory
even if it’s only me

But if it’s your will do send my way,
A Titus 2 woman, this I pray

A Poem by Latisha J.Greaves-Barker

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