A Mother’s Lies

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(Casey Anthony)   She drinks champagne To celebrate her hard-earned freedom Is it freedom she deserves? Not in my opinion She deceived and deceived Till her objective she achieved She's free, completely free or so she believes But what about Caylee? Will there be any justice for Caylee? Is this the end of her story? And [...]


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You walk right by me Like if I’m not there Looking straight ahead As though am not near   Can’t you see I’m standing here? I’m right next to you Am I invisible, camouflaged or see-through?   What’s going on? Where did common courtesy go? Why do we ignore each other? I just don’t know [...]


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I can never quite comprehend How easy it comes to you Evil monsters, scary monsters How do you do the things you do? As though life has no value   You take, you steal, you kill Destruction of all that is good and beautiful is your will   You lie, you cheat, you burn You [...]