Slit My Wrist

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Ssshhhhh Cry no more for me For I have chosen my own destiny Blood, Pain, Agony   Took a knife and sliced another part of me The passion that flowed through my veins Drove me mad, destructively insane   When I was told, convinced to settle To stay stagnant, stable, immobile, secure Get paid So [...]

Billing Clerk

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5: 00 A.M The alarm goes off Beap-beap-beap-beap Bang, I bust it in two I get up iron my shirt Have breakfast Take a shower Catch the bus Now, I am here Where? Where the silence is deafening Only to be broken by the constant ringing of telephones and the printing of printers Lord knows [...]

No Respect

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Never did anything to you to deserve such lack of RESPECT   Obviously I offended you because for me you have no RESPECT   Running out of patience for your absence of RESPECT Every man deserves RESPECT   So from you I demand your RESPECT Please, Thank you, Good Morning, Goodnight in affect   Everyone [...]