A Birthday Poem for You

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This is a special birthday poem for you to express our appreciation for all you do   You have blessed our lives in so many ways Words could not express all we need to say   With all our love, we thank you God blessed our lives when He gave us you   This is [...]

The Blues

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Whatever it is That’s got you sad and blue Don’t cry, don’t sob Cause I’m here for you Whatever it is Making you cry I’m here, I’m here No need to ask why Whatever it is Whatever you do Don’t worry I’ll be here I’ll be here With you  

I am

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I am an artist, I am a musician I am a writer, I am a speaker I am a hero, I am a king I am a queen, I am everything   I listen when my people speak I listen when the birds sing I hear your prayers I see your tears Cause I am [...]

Spend my Life

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Because of who you are When I talk to God I shake His hand I kiss His feet I wrap my arms around Him And thank Him for His son Because of who you are I praise my Father “Yes, I have finally found someone” Someone I have prayed for since I was a teenager [...]