Living on Paper

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Living life in theory, visualizing who I want to be, and writing about her, that's easy   Living life in real-time That's the hard part. Sometimes I don't know where to start   On paper, I feel strength and confidence I know what life's about I want that for real so badly I wanna scream [...]

Something’s Missing

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Isn’t serving God suppose to be a joyful affair? What's with this place, why is there no joy here?   Isn't singing and praising God supposed to make you feel happy? Then why does my soul often feel so crabby?   Shouldn't there be love here, so prevalent and strong? Then why does everything feel [...]

Bloodshot Eyes

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I look in the mirror I see bloodshot eyes On account of sleepless nights and intermediate cries To this season I’d like to say my goodbyes   In the Bible it says, for everything there is a season And I have to believe this is all for a reason   But right now all I [...]

Won the Battle, Losing the War

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Once again you’ve won the battle But are you really winning the war? You like to win so badly, You forget what you are fighting for   You like to pull my strings Move me any which way you please But as you try to control me You are paying your fees   Once again [...]

Lesson Learned

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Being a mother, Is more than just providing their physical needs It is also planting spiritual seeds Filling their soul with so much good things There's no room for the bad Teaching them to deal with their feelings Making their heart feel glad   Glad to be alive, glad to be who they are Filling [...]