Living on Paper

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Living life in theory, visualizing who I want to be, and writing about her, that's easy   Living life in real-time That's the hard part. Sometimes I don't know where to start   On paper, I feel strength and confidence I know what life's about I want that for real so badly I wanna scream [...]

My Prayer

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Thank you Father For my now and all my yesterdays For my accomplishments, successes, failures and mistakes Thank you for victories and my family Thank you for my siblings, my mommy and daddy Thank you for all I have now and all I had Thank you for protecting me from the things that are bad [...]

Dear God

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Thank you for inspiration Thank you for education Thank you for opportunity For poetic unity, for a beautiful soul, wonderful friends and family Thank you for wisdom and strength, my personality Morality, honesty, integrity, my nationality For creating me, giving birth to another poet, lover of life with a passion for creativity Thank you for [...]