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Down Depressed Down in the dumps   Doubtful Distressed Throat full of lumps   Don't know what to do Where to go from here Down Depressed Filled with despair   Need a bit of cheering up Because I'm so weary Feeling a bit under the weather It's all so dreary   Down, depressed, distressed, drained [...]


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Oh, how many ways because of you, we are blessed of all God's gifts to this Earth, you are one of the greatest   You moisten our parched lips You keep us cleanse from the ends of our toes to our fingertips You renew our soul, when we feel blue You revitalize and energize We [...]


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You stand grand and tall above them all Your golden petals extend with majesty and grace As the warmth of the sun reflect on your face   My dear sweet sunflower I like it how you always face the sun No matter what happens, it's your life's mission   So very much, I'd like to [...]

Inside of Me

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They told me you were sick Some parts of you not well They said it might be best to take you Before my life became hell   But what they didn't know What my outer layer would not show Is how I felt you grow And the way you made me glow   In the [...]

The Valley of Dreams

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I dream of this place This place where I'm not I love to go there It's my favorite fantasy spot   It's quiet, it's peaceful With the scent of love everywhere Sunshine warms the cockles of your heart The wind blows flower petals through your hair   Words of inspiration flows down the stream I [...]

Living on Paper

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Living life in theory, visualizing who I want to be, and writing about her, that's easy   Living life in real-time That's the hard part. Sometimes I don't know where to start   On paper, I feel strength and confidence I know what life's about I want that for real so badly I wanna scream [...]

Something’s Missing

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Isn’t serving God suppose to be a joyful affair? What's with this place, why is there no joy here?   Isn't singing and praising God supposed to make you feel happy? Then why does my soul often feel so crabby?   Shouldn't there be love here, so prevalent and strong? Then why does everything feel [...]

I’ve Decided

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I've decided to leave it all behind I’ve decided I'm letting it go this time I’ve decided I'm not taking old baggage with me I’ve decided from stress and worry, I'll flee   Life's too short to waste a moment of it That's why I'm not gonna blow it I've decided I want a life [...]

Little Nuggets of True Happiness

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At this moment I feel complete At this moment I can hear my heart beat At this moment I feel blessed A little nugget of true happiness   Dear Lord, help me preserve this feeling in my heart wherever I go So when times are rough and times are tough And I'm feeling a bit [...]