A Birthday Poem for You

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This is a special birthday poem for you to express our appreciation for all you do   You have blessed our lives in so many ways Words could not express all we need to say   With all our love, we thank you God blessed our lives when He gave us you   This is [...]

The Matriarch

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All her life she walks strong She fights and toil She digs up soil   She plants good seeds and watch them grow Then she reaped what she sow   Her children, grand-children, great grand children She has taught them how to love How to trust in their Father above   From her, daughters have [...]


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 (Dedicated to “The Barker Clan”)   Wow! I love your smile Your smile can light up the place for miles and miles Your smile changes everything It’s amazing the joy Those rosy cheeks, adorable lips and pearly white teeth deploy Not to mention the dimple in your chin Seems to be a Barker family thing [...]