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Down Depressed Down in the dumps   Doubtful Distressed Throat full of lumps   Don't know what to do Where to go from here Down Depressed Filled with despair   Need a bit of cheering up Because I'm so weary Feeling a bit under the weather It's all so dreary   Down, depressed, distressed, drained [...]

Bloodshot Eyes

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I look in the mirror I see bloodshot eyes On account of sleepless nights and intermediate cries To this season I’d like to say my goodbyes   In the Bible it says, for everything there is a season And I have to believe this is all for a reason   But right now all I [...]

8 P.M

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Ahhhhhh 8 P.M I’ve been waiting for you Dreaming about you all day Thoughts of you have seen my through Now the adults can play The children are asleep finally I can hear myself think Aaaaaaahhhh 8 P.M You are a good friend You help keep me sane Thoughts of you have seen me through [...]