Each Their Own Gift

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I watched them in awe the roles they play making a difference in our lives, day by day   Each playing a part Their own puzzle piece Without them things wouldn't run as smoothly, not in the least   But what they are doing They’re just doing their due without a single clue to what [...]

Strong Soldier

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I wanna be a strong soldier in the grandest army on earth and protecting this kingdom to be my main objective first   I wanna defeat the enemy with my sword and shield protection And in this army of mighty warriors be in the top selection   I wanna be a mighty warrior A force [...]


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Deep Inside this princess in training Is a queen A fighter, a warrior God’s G.I.Joe A diva, a soldier A woman of strength Confident and bright Ambitious and wise Powerful and strong Extraordinary Empowered and where she belongs GREATNESS is stirring Inside of me So I’ll keep moving forward It’ll shine through eventually