Impossible Dreams

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I believe in impossible dreams I believe in miracles too I believe you can accomplish anything I believe in you I believe the sky is the limit I believe the stars are in your reach I believe life’s what you make it So learn, so you can teach Stand up tall, be the boss of [...]


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I think I could be an amazing woman And do amazing things I’ve been thinking What if I was fearless What adventure could that bring   Could I jump out of a plane? Or go swimming with the sharks Could I climb a mountain? Go dancing after dark   Could I learn the salsa, Meringue, [...]

The Valley of Dreams

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I dream of this place This place where I'm not I love to go there It's my favorite fantasy spot   It's quiet, it's peaceful With the scent of love everywhere Sunshine warms the cockles of your heart The wind blows flower petals through your hair   Words of inspiration flows down the stream I [...]


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If this is what I can accomplish with the strength and courage I lack I wonder the things I could do, if I didn’t let fear hold me back   What if I no longer fed my fears and doubts? Fed my faith instead How much further would I be ahead   What dances I’d [...]

I Dream of

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I dream of   A full body massage Candles burning bright A soak in a lavender bubble bathe A sweet romantic night   Rose petals floating all around Listening to my favorite song Soft music playing so sweetly Just you and me   You gently rubbing my feet With my favorite song on repeat A [...]