Inside of Me

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They told me you were sick Some parts of you not well They said it might be best to take you Before my life became hell   But what they didn't know What my outer layer would not show Is how I felt you grow And the way you made me glow   In the [...]


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Wow Extraordinary, magnificent you I'm so amazed by those wonderful things you do Fantastic, terrific The love in your heart I admire your strength And you are so smart Intelligent, talented, awe-inspiring too God blessed me, when He sent me you My goodness, how much you've grown, look at all the sweetness you have shown [...]

A Mother’s Garden

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On her shelves, tables, mantels and walls There you will find framed photographs, photo albums, scrapbooks, trophies, medals, certificates, momentums of achievement, boxes of pictures not yet framed or hung   Captured moments in the evolution of time Weddings, Graduations, Birthday Parties, celebrations and life’s simply joyful times   In drawers and storage rooms Old [...]

Protect You

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Do you know how much I want to protect you Keep you safe all the time Protect you from all the bad things in the world Crime, slime and grime   I want to baby proof your whole life Protect you from hurt, pain and strife   I want to catch you every time you [...]


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Show them love Show them kindness Nurture them And they will flourish   Be patient Be understanding Be firm God’s love for them, confirm   Teach them independence Teach them courage Teach perseverance And they will flourish   Tell them their body is a temple of the Lord Teach them to take good care of [...]

Sweet Dreams

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Sweet dreams my little angels May you dream magical dreams tonight Christmas magic comes with the morning light Dream sweet dreams of sugarplum fairies Hopping bunnies and dancing red berries Birds singing Christmas melodies Marshmallow snowballs and festive Christmas trees Dream sweet dreams my darlings Christmas magic awaits In the morning love waits for you [...]