Impossible Dreams

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I believe in impossible dreams I believe in miracles too I believe you can accomplish anything I believe in you I believe the sky is the limit I believe the stars are in your reach I believe life’s what you make it So learn, so you can teach Stand up tall, be the boss of [...]


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I think I could be an amazing woman And do amazing things I’ve been thinking What if I was fearless What adventure could that bring   Could I jump out of a plane? Or go swimming with the sharks Could I climb a mountain? Go dancing after dark   Could I learn the salsa, Meringue, [...]

Did I Forget?

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Did I forget my kids are awesome my husband is great I am beautiful if not too late   Still have my life my life to live so much to do so much to give   Did I forget the many ways I'm blessed to focus on what's good and forget about the rest   [...]

Each Their Own Gift

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I watched them in awe the roles they play making a difference in our lives, day by day   Each playing a part Their own puzzle piece Without them things wouldn't run as smoothly, not in the least   But what they are doing They’re just doing their due without a single clue to what [...]

I Am Courage

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I am courage because I am afraid but despite my fear I persevere   I am courage because I dream but despite my doubts I try them out   I am courage because I stand despite my trembling legs and shaky hands   I am courage because I move forward despite my temptation to be [...]

The Little Things

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Dear friend, I'm writing you this poem With thoughts of you in my heart   As far as the blessings in my life go, you play a special part   I'm writing you these words, To tell you how I feel So heart-to-heart, from mine to yours The truth would be revealed   It's the [...]

Never Again Will You Steal My Joy

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You try to take my glow away Ha, I'm on to you!   You think I'm unaware, that I don't see what you do   Doing all you can, to make my light go out Don't think I don't know what you are all about   Trying to knock me down and keep me down [...]

Good Morning, New Day

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Good Morning, New Day   Good morning, new day For me what do you have in store? Does a new adventure await? Something new to explore?   I welcome you new day Now yesterday has passed I wonder how I got here so fast   Seems back then I thought you'd never come But here [...]

Break Out

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I wanna break free, break out, break through God knows I can't count the many things I wanna do   My dreams are so big, my heads about to pop When I have to settle, my heart starts to drop   I wanna jump so high, I could touch the clouds I wanna raise my [...]