The past is the past

That’s what the Word says

But I am still haunted by my yesterdays

Images of experiences past,

I still see them in my mind


They keep coming back to haunt me

Time after time

It’s like I can’t let go

The guilt follows me everywhere

I try to move forward

But yesterday’s images stir up my fear


It’s like the present me a staring in a looking glass

Screaming at the girl from my past

“Get up, stand up, and be strong”

“Sound your voice, sing your song”

“Say no to them, and yes to you, do the hard things,

do what you know you should do”


“If you don’t; regrets of bad choices, in the future will haunt you”

“Who you are now

is shaping who you’re going to be

So make good choices and from bad ones flee”


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