On Your Birthday (For Mom)

On your birthday, mom

if only I could

So many treasures I’ll give to you

I promise I would


But first let me start simply with this

On both cheeks, your chin, your forehead

Each a sweet tender kiss


Warm as theCaribbeansun

my arms will hold you tight

and a big cuddly squeeze

I would hug you day and night


Many joyful moments I would give your


We would travel the world together

But here is where we’d start


I’d fly you to the moon

So you’d have a first class view of the stars

They’ll whisper in your ear gently

“A Star is who you are”


The goodness of your soul

It glows, it shines so bright

You light up the world with your love

You sparkle in the night


Your dreams come true would be

a wish I’d grant to you


The woman inside you

You know you are

I’ll guide her out

She’s a shining STAR


I’ll give you a house, a business,

lots of friends and money

I’ll make it better

So you wouldn’t have to worry


I’d personally guard your heart

from all pain and sorrow

I’ll offer you the precious gift

of a first class tomorrow


On your birthday, your sweet daughter

prays her heart out

Great things to happen for you

Will be all my prayers are about


Wishing you birthday blessings

and announcing “I Love You”

Well for now, I hope my love



and this poem will do


Happy Birthday, Lovely Lady


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