Sometimes you are miserable

Sometimes you make me so mad

I just want to scream and shout

Or hit something


But you are still incredible

My friends come and go from my life

My boys are here today and gone


But you are always here through my

happy times and sorrows


Sometimes my dad’s around, sometimes

he’s not

Rainfall, sunshine, you are by my side

In you I can confide


You don’t smile as much as I would like

you to

But when you do the sun comes out, life is


The atmosphere is warmer


You are the star that guides me at night

You are the warmth and kindness that

makes life alright


Sometimes you say things that make me

worry about you

But my queen you don’t know how much

your princess loves you


You’ve shown me strength in a way I could

never understand

You’ve showed me I am more

than second hand


You’ve shown me faith in God above

His healing hand and precious love

You push me for the best, mom you are

the greatest


You are an angel God sent from above

For you I would give all my love

With the stars as my guide, write your

name in the sky

“World’s Greatest Mom,” words flying high


If I could fit each one of your fingers with

huge diamond rings

Buy you a limousine, a mansion and all

those rich people things

I’d magically make all your dreams come


All because I love you


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