Lesson Learned

Being a mother,

Is more than just providing their physical needs

It is also planting spiritual seeds

Filling their soul with so much good things

There’s no room for the bad

Teaching them to deal with their feelings

Making their heart feel glad


Glad to be alive, glad to be who they are

Filling them up with self-esteem, making them feel secure

The world is going to try to fill them with fear

Try to pull them down

That’s why it’s my job to make their foundation strong


Tell them who they are to God

He created them with a special purpose

That life’s so much more than physical things

And in God, we must trust


Teach them to cherish their sexuality

To surrender their life for God’s glory

The world will feed them lies

It wants to see their demise


So I must tell them the truth

From their baby days, all through their youth


Where love is concerned

I’ll never leave them wanting

I will be their prayer warrior

Praying them to the victory they’re pursuing


Lesson learned, now it’s my turn

I’ll do for them, what wasn’t done for me

Train my children to be soldiers in God’s Army

Lead them to the Lord’s victory


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