I Have Changed the World

I have changed the world with my smile

My smile have made someone else smile

Whose smile made another person smile

And that other person’s smile has made even more people smile

My smile has created a ripple effect of many smiling people

I mean this world needs as many smiling people as it could get

to make it shine


I have changed the world with my encouraging words

I encourage others to be their best and they in turn have done the same for someone else

Who has done the same for others

One person at a time have found blessing through my encouraging words


I have changed the world by using my voice

My voice is a special voice from God

My voice is unique

No one else has a voice exactly like mine

And by using my voice I have inspired others to use their God-given voices

Then each one has teach one to do the same

Now many are joining together in one song using the special voice that God has given them for that purpose


I have changed the world with my thoughts

My visions, thoughts and ideas

I don’t keep locked up in my head

I share them and act on them

I make them real instead

And through God’s strength I have accomplished great things and inspired others to do the same


I am changing the world by being true to myself

Using my voice even when I’m afraid of sounding stupid

Asking questions even if others think I should already know the answer

Taking chances with my visions and ideas even if I have no clue how it’s going to turn out

Standing tall even though I feel shy

Facing my fears and doing what God has design me to do


Though I’m scared, I won’t lie to you

I am God’s child. He put me here for a purpose

So by being myself, I’ve already changed the world

How are you changing the world?


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