I Dream of

I dream of


A full body massage

Candles burning bright

A soak in a lavender bubble bathe

A sweet romantic night


Rose petals floating all around

Listening to my favorite song

Soft music playing so sweetly

Just you and me


You gently rubbing my feet

With my favorite song on repeat

A dance with me, you’ll seek


We’ll glide around the floor

Romance full potential, we’ll explore

On the beach we’ll hold hands

As we dig our feet into the sand


I dream of


Seeing a Broadway show

A life that goes with the flow


I dream of cruising across the canals ofVenice


I want to see the Statue of Liberty, theGrand Canyon,

the Roman Coliseum, the Eiffel tower,Santorini,Greece

I want to see them all


I want to explore, see so much more

Than I have ever known before

I dream of adventure, exploration

Still waiting on my Disney vacation


These things I see in my mind-eye

Waiting for me before I die

I dream dreams so delicious

A life to love, so auspicious


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