It’s amazing how you could be
surrounded by so many people
and feel so alone


It’s amazing how you could have
a place to call your own
but it doesn’t feel like home


It’s amazing how the place you are at,
isn’t where you want to be
But where you need to stay,
even though you want to flee


It’s amazing how your dreams become so real,
When you close your eyes
But when you open them again,
Your reality you despise


“I know the plans I have for you…”
is written in God’s word
“Plans to prosper you, give you hope and a future”
These words sometimes seems so blurred


Sometimes hope is so hard to find, like a needle in a haystack
Sometimes hope is the one thing you need,
when it’s the very thing you lack


Hope is a decision, sometimes a very hard one to make
It’s believing in God’s good plans for you,
No matter how much strength it takes


Believing it will all work out for your good,
even if it seems real bad
Knowing it will all turn out right and someday
you’ll be glad


That God allowed this challenge to come your way,
and pulled you through day by day


Because through it all, you really did feel,
the presence of God, so truly real


He strengthened your faith, He shaped your heart
And through it all He did his part
He showed you His love, His grace, His mercy
He made you stronger through this journey


He kept his promise, His words are true
He wants nothing but the best there is for you


He is molding you like a clump of clay
You will be a beautiful masterpiece someday


Victory is already yours, it is God’s promise
Because you had hope when life was hardest



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