Good Woman

Boy, you wouldn’t know a good woman

If she walked right up to you

And slap you in the face


A good woman is one who knows what she’s got

She knows you don’t have to look like

Halle to be hot


A good woman does not define herself by what she’s wearing

but better yet when she wears it, it’s a reflection of how she’s feeling


A good woman does not try to take a man for all he’s got

Nor does she pretend to be someone she’s not


A good woman knows she is only half the plan

And she knows how to treat her man


A good woman’s got your back through thick or thin

And she gets under your skin

Makes your knees weak

Makes your heart beat


And you know from now on

She’s all you seek

And all that you do is for her


But listen very carefully

A good woman can only survive

In the heart of a good man

And a good man is one who understands

how to love a good woman


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