For God so loved the world

HE gave us HIS son

Who was born to this earth

HE died for everyone

HE paid the highest price

Jesus died for our sins

A gift so nice

Jesus, God’s son, is the reason for the season

So let your understanding deepen

This Christmas don’t only expect to just get


What you can give would surprise you yet

Give a smile

Give a hand

Help someone

You know you can

Give some food

Give some money

Make someone laugh

If you are funny

Teach a lesson

Use your special gift

Make something

Bake something

Give someone a lift

Write a note

Say an encouraging word

Sometimes these little reminders need to be heard

Give of your time

Your company

Your friendship

Would be a blessing especially

No excuses

You have got many uses

So many things you can give

Giving from your heart

The best way to live




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