I think I could be an amazing woman

And do amazing things

I’ve been thinking

What if I was fearless

What adventure could that bring


Could I jump out of a plane?

Or go swimming with the sharks

Could I climb a mountain?

Go dancing after dark


Could I learn the salsa,

Meringue, mambo, flamenco

Could I run a marathon, go parasailing

Or taste escargot?



Could I fly a plane or take a train

To somewhere far away

Could I go surfing or horse back riding?

What things I could do that day


Fearless me, if I was she

What a wonderful life that could be


Sing out loud in front a big crowd

Not worried who might hear me


And best of all

It wouldn’t matter if I fall

I’d just get back up and go again

Not caring one bit who’s looking


Can’t you see, how wonderful that’ll be

Fearless, Fearless me


Poetry Video featuring three poems about Courage and living life to the fullest.
“Fearless,” “Break Out” and “I am Courage”

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