Fear, Anxiety, Worry

These three emotions that haunt me

They curse my mind before I wake

They are in my dreams, my joy they take


Every moment that should be great

Is not, because fear seals my fate

From where these deep rooted poisons stem?

From which apple in the tree?


This curse that haunts me

Did not originate with me

It began taking shape

From the negative words of another


They took me to bed

They stayed in my head

Will they ever leave, I wonder


Still they continue to follow me wherever I go

They force me to hide, runaway and cry

They force me to move really slow


They cause me to stumble

Cause me to fall

They choke me

They crawl


Around in my head

Make me wish I was dead

Wish they weren’t there at all


These three emotions that haunt me

Took shape in me from very young

It started with someone else

Then passed on to me


But from these evil spirits, I’m breaking free

Breaking this curse, my inheritance

Getting them out of me

Taking away their arrogance



Going to face my fears

Going to be strong

Going to overcome

So I will pass on confidence to my children

And to their children they will pass it along


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