Each Their Own Gift

I watched them in awe

the roles they play

making a difference in our lives,

day by day


Each playing a part

Their own puzzle piece

Without them things wouldn’t run as smoothly,

not in the least


But what they are doing

They’re just doing their due

without a single clue

to what it is they do


They play a special part

they just didn’t know

that without their presence

things just wouldn’t flow

Not as smoothly as they do now


I know it’s not perfect

but they make it better somehow

I couldn’t do what they do

Add what they add

Each of us are an one-of-a-kind original

and for that I am glad


How boring life would be

If all ideas were the same

Then what would be the purpose if any of us came


We wouldn’t need each other

We wouldn’t work together

We wouldn’t fill all the missing spaces

and it wouldn’t matter whether


We existed or not

Who’d need us?

No one, no one at all


I’m glad it’s not so

and to each of us, a calling we are call

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