Destined to be King

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,


A radiance of truth

An aroma of love

Small little fingers

A blessing from above


Mary held his hand as best

as her weakened body could

So fragile

But yet she felt His strength

The strong-force that protected her son


Destined to be King”

This was the cry of many,

who did not know the mother

Yet awaited the Son


Though she knew his time on this earth would be short

And his stay by her side shorter still

She could not help feeling instantly overprotective

of this boy


A boy with so much Wisdom,

Confidence, Faith and Love in his heart

Other boys his age could not fathom

Destined to be more than just a Carpenter’s Son

She feared for him



My handsome boy


Oh, how I wish I could understand

What is your heavenly Father’s plan?

Why send you to me?

To take you away again

Oh, how I wish I could comprehend


She dreaded, yet expected the day when

her boy was to be a man and journey to his throne

as King


Seeking answers, she prayed to the Father

That day finally arrived and he left her home


Why must I let him go, I carried him, cared for him, taught him all I know”


My dear sweet Mary,

My Virgin Mary

Can’t you see?

I have a plan for Him

And I have a plan for you


Trust me my Child

That boy, that man is

Destined to be king”


Mary wiped her tears

Swallowed her fears

Then I must go to him


She took her sons

Her other sons

And went to seek him


My mother and brothers,

Who are my mother and brothers?

you are my mother,

you are my brother,

for whoever does the will of God,

that is the place of he”


My God, my son has forsaken me”


No my child, you have done your part,

gave him his start, remember now, a Son’s love

for his mother, he will always have in his heart,

But his journey must take its course”


The words sang soundly in her ears

The vision of her little boy swam in her tears

With every lash

And every cry


Mary sobbed,

Jesus, my boy”


One Lash,


















Gluttony, Anger, Hate, Selfishness, Vanity, Impurity, Adultery, Murder


Lash after Lash

Nailed to the cross

Bearing a crown made of thorns

Cursed and persecuted

He died for our sins


Mary wept blood, as

her son bled


Father, is this your plan all along?”


This is for you, this is for my people,

I give you my Son, so you may live”


Forgive them Father,

for they know not what they do”


My Lord, are you truly the Son of God?”


Why do you pray for them, after what they’ve done to you?”


If you are the Son of God; save yourself”

The previous poem is my way of telling the story of Jesus’ life and death from the perspective of a mother, through the eyes and ears of Mary. I wrote it many, many years ago and to this day I think it is one of my best poem concepts. I am not sure if it has reached its completion or if there is more tweaking to be done. I have never really pursued feedback for this piece, (scary), but I am very proud of this piece. It consists of a lot of dialogue, without mentioning who is saying what. I tried my best to highlight the differences in the dialogue to indicate when someone else is speaking.  God’s words to Mary are Bold, Jesus’ words are in Bold Italics, Mary’s are in Italics only and the other dialogue (loosely based on verses found in the gospel of Luke) are in regular font.

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