Inhale, exhale



Soft sweet



No whining, no screaming

No crying, no fighting

Just calm



No talking

I don’t want to even think

Who cares about the dishes in the sink?


Listen to some jazz music

and just dance

Hold myself close

Wrap up in the warmth of my own embrace

Loving myself for being myself

Taking a moment in this quiet place


You did it good girl

You survived the day

Now it’s your turn to play


No conversation

Physically alone

But that’s okay

I enjoy being on my own

Even if it doesn’t last very long



Renewing my mind

I worked hard

I earned this quiet time

With me, just me

Not them

But I do acknowledge the presence of HIM


I get down on my knees and pray

Thank God for bringing me through the day

Motherhood, a great responsibility

Thank God, He puts all I need to do it, within me


I am blessed

Thanks to God’s grace

Now I breathe,


Calm in this quiet place


Now I dance

This is my chance

To celebrate

What I have done

Have some fun


Alone in the dark

Candles aglow

I say my prayers and this I know

God loves me so


I’ve done my best

Now it’s time to rest

At peace

Listen to the soft, sweet sound of silence

Be still





Now I’m rested and refreshed

I’ve caught my breath

Now I return to them

The ones I love

My family and friends

God’s gift from above


His Word:

20 Though you have made me see troubles,    many and bitter,    you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth    you will again bring me up. 21 You will increase my honor    and comfort me once more.

Psalm 71:20-21 NIV


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