Break Out

I wanna break free, break out, break through

God knows I can’t count the many things I wanna do


My dreams are so big, my heads about to pop

When I have to settle, my heart starts to drop


I wanna jump so high, I could touch the clouds

I wanna raise my voice, I wanna get loud


I wanna run, run, run and never get weary

I wanna never again see a day that’s dreary


I wanna ride my bike and watch the pretty fishes

I wanna eat out and try new dishes


I wanna grow a garden, plant beautiful flowers

Then bask in their beauty for hours and hours


I wanna repaint my home with colors so bright

That when I’m there my heart will take flight


I wanna travel the world, see all I could see

I want happiness and joy to be seen through me


I wanna go shopping, change my style of dress

Let my outside reflect my inner glow, so happiness I’ll express


I wanna shed the old me

My body, mind and soul renew

Begin again, a new day

And to myself be true
Poetry video featuring three poems about courage and living life to the fullest.
“Fearless” “Break Out” and “I am Courage”

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