Bloodshot Eyes

I look in the mirror

I see bloodshot eyes

On account of sleepless nights

and intermediate cries

To this season I’d like to say my goodbyes


In the Bible it says, for everything there is a season

And I have to believe this is all for a reason


But right now all I want to do is runaway

Find myself in a brighter day


When things didn’t look so grim,

and I didn’t know what to do

And I’d know more then, than what I knew


When my eyes would be once again more rested

And in this storm I’d know why God invested


Was it to shape me?

Was it to strengthen my heart?

So when the real war came,

I’d be strong enough to do my part


Right now I have no understanding

of what this journey’s all about

And sometimes I feel like I just want

to scream and shout


But I got to believe that this season has a reason

And victory is already won

Because I am God’s warrior, a true champion


I won’t quit


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