A Birthday Poem

To a very special person
on a very special day
May God bless you, protect you and guide you
I pray


May all your dreams be realized
and the desires of your heart be fulfilled
May you always know love, joy, happiness, success
May those things be God’s will


Reach for the stars
Spread your wings and soar
Fly so very high forever more


May your nights be filled with sweet dreams
and your days with lots of laughter
May you always be surrounded by great people

and live happily ever after


May you live a life that’s full and true
Lots of adventures, good times and happiness
Music, song, dance, art,
Good food, good fun, good friends,

good books and good conversations too


Learn new things, travel, love, enjoy
Blessings and success
The best this life has to employ
The greatest gifts God has in store
The best of the best and ever so much more


Look through every open window, walk through every door
Open your heart, open your mind
Let love and life in,
Make new discoveries; explore


Face your fears, stand up tall
Use your BIG VOICE
Let them hear you when you call


Whatever you need to make it through
is already right there inside of you


Keep moving forward
Don’t quit
Keep stepping up
Keep on keeping on
You can do it
You are a child of the Most High God


And you are loved
A great gift to this Earth, sent from above


You are strong; confident; intelligent
So live your life to the full extent



Happy Birthday


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